Daniil Sedov | Software Engineer

Russia, GMT+3 | Telegram | Github | Email

Hello! My name is Daniil. I am a developer with a strong passion for open-source development and blockchain technology. Over the past several years, I have primarily been working on blockchain products. Currently, I am seeking new projects for my software outsourcing team, Coinvent.

Skills & Interests

  • Programming Languages:
    Proficient in Python, TypeScript, FunC
    Familiarity with C++, Rust, Tact, Solidity
  • Tech skills: Linux, SQL, Git, Docker
  • Languages: English (B2), Russian (Native)
  • Interests: Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence

Recent Activity

Work Experience

  • Sep 2023 - Present | Founder & Technical Leader @ Coinvent

    • Designing complex smart contract systems
    • Conducting code reviews to ensure best practices and security
    • Onboarding new developers to the team
    • Performing security audits
  • Aug 2022 - Sep 2023 | Independent Blockchain Developer

    • Designing and developing complex systems of smart contracts
    • Completing security audits for smart contracts
    • Successfully applying for and finishing many TON Bounties
    • Developing dozens of open-source projects, mostly consisting of TON smart contracts
    • Contributing to many popular open-source repositories related to TON
    • Improving the official TON Documentation by reviewing and creating new content
  • Jun 2018 - Jul 2022 | Independent Developer

    • Working on pet-projects
    • Actively learning and researching different technologies
    • Completing small freelance orders during my available time